We send our Roots in Root Bags in our boxes.  We are always careful to keep packaging to a minimum, but experience tells us that certain veg keeps better when contained - whether in plastic or paper; and we've decided to use a quality paper bag for all the roots in the box.  The main reason for this is that it protects the other vegetables in the box from any mud that comes along with the roots - and there has been a lot of mud this year! 


We hope that you'll enjoy using it at home to store your roots, which prefer cool, dark conditions.  If the roots are stored in the bag it will help prevent them from drying out.  You could leave the roots in the bag in your fridge drawer (no more cleaning out muddy detritis each week!) or in a cool spot like the porch or garage in the winter, or under the stairs in the summer.  You could also try spraying water lightly (with a spray bottle) into the bag to keep it moist.


There is an 'end of the week' recipe printed on the bag which may give you some ideas too.


Please return your bag with the boxes when you no longer have use of them; we will reuse them and eventually compost them.