Our courgette plants which Harry and Alex sowed in early Spring and planted out in April have started to produce, and they will continue to until around September. The flowers are loved by beneficial insects, bees and bugs, and they are brilliant stuffed and deep fried if you haven’t tried them. While they are flowering we have the flowers available to buy as an addition to your Box; to order some check out our website shop, or give us a call or email.


This year we are growing 5 varieties of courgettes.  All of them are grown indoors in either our Polytunnels or Glasshouses, as they originate from Central and South America and prefer a slightly warmer climate.  These plants will carry on growing and producing until late Autumn, providing a constant supply of courgettes for your boxes. The first you’ll get is Parthenon which we grow as it produces so early. We are also growing Geode and Floridor; ball-shaped courgettes in green and yellow colours which are great for stuffing.