We have been working on a new system on our website that allows you to make your own changes to your box contents.  

All you have to do is log in to your online account and from your welcome page you can alter what will be coming in your next veg box. 

Your box contents for the upcoming week and previous week will now be listed along with a page where you can alter your box contents.

Click on the big green button which says 'Click here to tell us what you want swapped in your order'. Once clicked it will take you through to the swaps page. Here you can choose from a drop down list and swap any of the items you don't want for any of the available produce. 

The number of swaps you can make are limited however depending on your box size and the items listed are first come first served.

We hope you enjoy our new improvement to our service! Any feedback is welcome as everything is a work in progress.