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“Just wanted to thank all you guys for yesterday's box.  I think I have to say it was probably my favourite box!  A whole harvest festival!  Thousand thanks!  You're spoiling me for the winter!”


Best organic veg in Sussex. We were happy recipients of their box scheme every week for a year while we lived in Brighton. Couldn't recommend them more highly.

John Ellison

Amazing fruit and veg... Varied, vibrant and robust. Great service. Buy local, you won't regret it!

Jen Storey

My good friends gave me a very generous birthday gift of a voucher. I've been getting the small veggy box for about a month or so now and I love it!!! I wouldn't go back to super market veg now. We get plenty of veggies for my daughter and I and I love the variety we get each week. It's encouraged me to try new recipes and some veggies I'd never tasted before. Despite my loathing of sprouts I am now a confirmed sprout top fan, even my five year old ate them and said they were yummy! I love that you have the option to change veggies if there's something you don't like although that's not happened yet. I also made their recipe for Gratin Au Trompeta (Trumpet squash) and it was absolutely delicious and impressed my mum no end and she's taken the recipe home with her. I added lots of Parmesan too, yum scrum! I had wondered if the extra work with organic veg might put me off (I'm a single mama so time is limited) but I actually love seeing the earth on the veggies and a quick wash and scrub and they're done. Speed peelers are my best friends! It makes everything so much more tangible and it may sound twatish but i feel that we are connecting with nature more somehow (bloody hippy)! I'm certain the veggies taste better too! Thanks Barcombe!

Holly Joy