We keep our whole operation as local as we can, using as much of our own produce in the box as possible:  we are fortunate to be able to supplement our outdoor winter crops by having one acre under glass and polytunnels, which gives us good season extension particularly on leafy crops; and summer crops of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines etc.  Then we source close to home, e.g. potatoes from Boathouse Farm in Isfield; apples and juice from Oakwood Farm in Robertsbridge; a variety of different vegetables grown on Laine's Organic Farm in Cuckfield and by Metske Van der Laan in Winchelsea. 

We also have seasonal treats such as Forced Rhubarb in the spring and Figs in the summer which we like to offer as additional items to your orders.

To maintain good variety and quality we do sometimes have to go further afield to Herefordshire, Lincolnshire and Cornwall; and Southern Europe at times.