Pesto is most commonly used in pasta dishes, but can also be used to marinade fish and meat, stirred through a soup or mixed with  vegetables before roasting. Here’s a simple recipe for pesto. 

3                     Large Garlic Cloves

50g               Pine Nuts (Or Walnuts)

50g               Parmesan

1 tsp             Sea Salt

½ tsp           Black Pepper

150g             Fresh Basil

160 ml  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wash and drain the basil well.  In a food   processor whizz up the garlic, pine nuts, cheese and seasoning until finely chopped.  Pause the blade for a moment and add the basil, then process until finely chopped.  With the motor running, add the oil and blend till incorporated.  This can also be done with a pestle and mortar which results in a much more rustic Pesto. To store, top it up with oil and keep it topped up after every use and store in the fridge.