Kohlrabi is an uncommon but brilliant vegetable. It belongs to the cabbage family and, eaten raw, tastes a bit like a mild sweet radish or Broccoli stalk. This recipe is really refreshing and is great served on the side of many dishes. 



Two                    Kohlrabi

One                    Green Chilli

Bunch               Mint

Two                    Spring Onions

One                    Lime


1tsp                   Sesame Oil

1tsbp                  Sunflower Oil


Chop the leaves off the Kohlrabi (don’t throw these away, you can use them as a green veg) and then peel the outside skin off. Cut the Kohlrabi into small batons about half a cm thick and place in a bowl. Finely chop the chilli, mint and spring onions and place in the bowl. Zest the lime onto the salad and squeeze the juice over. Add some salt (to taste) and oils then mix.  Leave to macerate for about 20 mins before serving.