Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family, with a crisp texture and nutty, sweet flavour, suitable for roasting or sautéing  or grating raw in a coleslaw, or try this refreshing salad: 

One     Large Carrot

One     Kohlrabi

Two     Garlic Cloves

1tsp      Cider Vinegar

1tsp     French Mustard

1tsp     French Mustard

Wash and peel the carrot and kohlrabi, peel and mince the garlic.  Simply grate the kohlrabi and carrot into a bowl, put aside.  In a frying pan gently heat oil, and lightly sauté the garlic for about 30 seconds, stir in the vinegar and mustard.  Warm through, pour over the vegetable mix and serve.