Squash is one of our most popular vegetables in the winter veg box.  There are a few reasons for this:
Squash propogates easily and is quick to transplant.
Once it has been composted and mulched with straw the plantss don't need much attention until harvest, leaving us time to attend to the more needy vegetables!

We are able to harvest in one fell swoop with a good crew of helpers - it's usually a bit of fun too.
Squash stores well into the Spring and adds welcome colour to the winter boxes.
It is a hearty, nutritious and versatile vegetable.
A tip for preparing Crown Prince is to place it cut side down on a sturdy surface and using a large, sharp knife (with caution!), cut wedges about 1 inch wide, then you can peel them easily with a vegetable peeler.  (If you find it hard pressing the blade through the squash, fold a dishtowel into a thick wad and place over the top of the blade, to press down upon.)  For some recipes, you could simply cut wedges and cook, before peeling the skin off.