How it works

How ordering and delivery works



Choose your veg box


Browse our range of various organic fruit and vegetable boxes and find the size that's right for you. You can choose between weekly, fortnightly and one off deliveries. You can change your box size and frequency as often as you like. 
Alternatively build your own veg box with items available in our shop (minimum spend £10.75 + £2.75 delivery). 

Add extras and customise your order


You can easily add other products such as local eggs or a particular fruit or veg you like as a one off or with every delivery.

Provide us with your likes and dislikes and we will automatically swap items you don't like for ones that you do.

Fine tune your weekly contents and make your own swaps using our swaps system, making your orders right for you on a weekly basis. This is available between Friday and your ordering deadline when we have finalised produce availablility for the coming week. You can see your upcoming items when logged into your account.


We prepare your order


Our team will then carefully prepare your order, either on the same day or the day before delivery (depending on your area).
We harvest and pack our produce the day before delivery ensuring peak freshness and flavour. We then pack your orders into our returnable veg boxes before they are loaded for delivery.

Delivery to your door


Your order is delivered the same day each week to help you plan your meals and to get into a good routine. We do not offer timed deliveries to keep the deliveries as efficient as possible, but will roughly be the same time each week.
No need to be in just leave us a note letting us know where to leave your orders if you're out. 

Hassle free payment

Hassle free direct debit payments are made using our payment provider Gocardless. When you sign up you will be asked to provide your bank details. Payments are processed on the day of delivery and you are charged for what you have had that week. Payment will leave your account around the same time each week usually a few days after your delivery.