Our produce

We keep our whole operation as local as we can, using as much of our own produce in the box as possible:  we are fortunate to be able to supplement our outdoor winter crops by having one acre under glass and polytunnels, which gives us good season extension particularly on leafy crops; and summer crops of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines etc.  Then we source close to home, e.g. potatoes from Boathouse Farm in Isfield; apples and juice from Oakwood Farm in Robertsbridge; a variety of different vegetables grown on Laine's Organic Farm in Cuckfield and by Metske Van der Laan in Winchelsea. 

We also have seasonal treats such as Forced Rhubarb in the spring and Figs in the summer which we like to offer as additional items to your orders.

To maintain good variety and quality we do sometimes have to go further afield to Herefordshire, Lincolnshire and Cornwall; and Southern Europe at times.


How to order


To order a box please first register with us here, filling in the registration form.


Once registered you will be taken to your Barcombe Nurseries account page. Click on ‘Make an order’. This will take you through to our Shop. To order a box click on Veg boxes then select the box you wish to order selecting your frequency of delivery. Then click add to order. Your order should pop up on the right hand side in your basket. Then proceed to your orders page to confirm your order. Click confirm order, this will then schedule your delivery with us (Please make sure you have confirmed your order).


We will then send you an email confirming your order with us.


You will be asked to set up a Direct Debit. Your account will be debited the price of your box(es) once we have delivered them. If you are unable to pay by Direct Debit, please contact us to discuss other options.


If you would like to add any preferences either likes or dislikes then, click on account and then preferences, selecting the items you wish to either include or exclude.


If you would like to cancel a scheduled delivery or if you are going away on holiday you can set your own away dates. Click on the suspend or cancel button in your accounts page and then select the dates that you wish to cancel.


You can also add other individual items to have on top of your box order, which you can add through our shop.



If you would like to receive a box this week, please make sure to order by 9am on Tuesday.
Delivery is to the door and free.  We deliver our boxes as economically as possible, so you will be put on a round according to your address.  We will tell you when to expect your delivery which will be roughly the same time each week. 
We are happy to leave your box for you if you are not in, just let us know if there is a particular place you would like it left.  Even if your doorstep is right on the street some customers leave out a recycling box for us to pop the box into, so it is not obvious and is sheltered from marauding seagulls!

This gives you a rough idea where we deliver and when - it is not set in stone, and when you set up your order, we will let you know which day you will receive your box.

Delivery Areas

Wednesday delivery:

Some areas of Brighton

Thursday delivery:

Some areas of Hove
Some areas of Brighton
Burgess Hill
East Chiltington
Haywards Heath
Scaynes Hill

Friday delivery:

Some areas of Hove
Some areas of Brighton


Once you have registered, follow the links to set up a direct debit with Go Cardless. If you are a new customer you are required to set up a direct debit in order to complete your order. If you do not wish to set up a direct debit or are unable to do so, please contact us to discuss an alternative way of paying.


Your account will automatically be charged for the goods which you have ordered, on or after the day we deliver them to you.  We will submit our request for payment to your bank within 72 hours of your delivery, and normally within 24 hours. We cannot, however, accept any liability for how long it takes the bank to process the payment.


If you are a current customer we will be in contact shortly to get you to switch your standing order to a direct debit.